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    Booking flights connecting from Abu Dhabi to Amman is now convenient and easy with online booking. At, you can book your flight from the comfort of your home. Apart from booking flights you may even avail other information regarding flights and airlines as well as comparing fares and checking availability. From the numerous flights available, you can choose an appropriate flight for a comfortable air journey.

    About Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi is the largest and the capital city of United Arab Emirate. The city is noted for its rich culture, lavish lifestyle, extravagant architecture and luxurious hotels. The extraordinary architecture of the past and present is an outstanding contrast of this desert city. Heritage Village, Qasr al-Hosn and Zayed National Museum are a few heritages and museums that preserves the old Arabian culture, traditions and architectures. Driving over the red dunes at desert safari and the world’s fastest roller coaster ride at the Ferrari World are the best adventure spots to experience ultimate thrill.

    About the Abu Dhabi airport

    Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport of UAE located 30 km to the east of Abu Dhabi city. It covers the area of 8,500 acres and has 3 passenger terminals. The carriers of both domestic and international airlines are serves through T1 and T2 where as the T3 is specially reserved for the Etihad Airways which is the national flag carriers of UAE. As of 2010 the airport is known to serve around 12 million passengers every year.

    Abu Dhabi airport address

    Abu Dhabi International Airport,
    PO Box 20,
    Abu Dhabi,
    Phone : (02) 575 7500

    About Amman

    Amman is the largest and the capital city of Jordan that was built on the seven hills. This modern city is noted as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The Petra is the UNESCO world heritage site featuring picturesque sandstone facades with Greek style architecture.Witness the many magnificent ancient Roman architecture at its famous landmarks like the Roman Ampitheater, Jerash and Citadel. The hot Air Balloon ride offers an amazing view of towering cliffs and rock formations of the spectacular desert - Wadi Rum. The Dead Sea is the world’s deepest hypersaline lake known for its mineral mud and is one of the most visited attraction of Amman.

    About the Amman airport

    Queen Alia International Airport is the largest airport of Jordan and is located in Zizya that is directed approximately 30 km to the south of the capital city. It was named after - Queen Alia, the third wife of King Hussein of Jordan. The airport is the prime aviation hub for airlines like Royal Falcon, Jordan Aviation, Petra Airlines and Royal Wings. It manages over 5.5 million passengers every year.

    Amman airport address

    Queen Alia International Airport,
    Phone : +962-6-445-1739

    What is the frequency of Abu Dhabi to Amman flights

    There are many airlines that provide with daily as well as weekly flights that operates from Abu Dhabi to Amman. You can choose and book your flight from the numerous direct and connecting flights as per the availability. The firs direct flight of the day is at 12.50 am - 3.30 am and the last flight is at 1.10 pm - 3.50 pm. The Etihad Airways provides with maximum direct flights to these routes.

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