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    Today, online booking is very convenient,with simpler booking procedure and is hassle free. At, you can book your flight from Abu Dhabi to Kozhikode and also avail various information regarding flights and airlines. Comparing fares and checking availability are some activities you can perform while booking flight. You may also avail various discounts and offers, enabling you to get flights at the lowest possible fares.

    About Abu Dhabi

    The capital of United Arab Emirate, Abu Dhabi is a T-shaped island famed for opulent architectures of its past and present. The city encircles beautiful attractions filled with heritages, museums, beaches and adventure. Desert Safari at the intriguing deserts is must to experience. Explore the artworks and artifacts of the bygone ears at its famous landmarks like Heritage Village and Qasr al-Hosn. For enthralling adventure one can visit the Ferrari World and desert safari. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the top attraction know for extravagant architecture and interior with 82 domes and chandeliers dotted with 24 cater gold.

    About the Abu Dhabi airport

    Consisting of the area of 8,500 acres, Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport of UAE. The airport serves almost all airlines through T1 and T2. The arrivals and departures of Etihad Airways are served through the terminal 3. Almost 53 airlines operate through this airport, connecting to over 94 destinations across 56 countries.

    Abu Dhabi airport address

    Abu Dhabi International Airport,
    PO Box 20,
    Abu Dhabi,
    Phone : (02) 575 7500

    About Kozhikode

    Kozhikode, also called as Calicut is the city discovered near the Malabar Coast. The city made a strong mark in the history of India with the presence of the famous explorer - Vasco da Gama and also as one of the source for eastern spice trade. It was then synonym as the ‘City of Spices’. The city is bountiful in natural beauty, full of lush green landscapes, glorious beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. Explore the natives of Beypore, formerly named after Tipu Sultan as ‘Sultan Pattanam’. Tusharagiri Falls, Mananchira Square, Kozhikode Beach and Thikkoti Light House are some of most visited attractions.

    About the Kozhikode airport

    Calicut International Airport, also known as Karipur Airport is placed 28 km from Kozhikode. It serves the cities of Kozhikode and Malappuram of the state of Kerala. In account of passenger traffic, it is the third busiest airport of Kerala. Air India Express has its home base at this airport.

    Kozhikode airport address

    Calicut International Airport,
    Near Kozhikode (Calicut),
    District Kerala - 673647,
    Phone : +91 483 2712630 | +91 9847076545

    What is the frequency of Abu Dhabi to Kozhikode flights

    Flights from Abu Dhabi to Kozhikode operate at good frequent timings. There are at least 3 flights that are scheduled everyday. With these options available you can book your flight according to your planned travel journey. You can book the first flight of the day that departs from Abu Dhabi at 2.10 am and reaches Kozhikode by 7.35 am. The last flight is at 10.55 pm - 4.10 am.

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