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    * All prices indicated in AED

    Now you can easily book your flight from Abu Dhabi to Muscat through our site Booking online is beneficial as it allows you to book flight hassle free from anywhere in the world, as well as enables you to compare airfares and check availability. With numerous airlines operating, you may opt for the best airlines and book it as per your travel journey.

    About Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest city of Middle East, famed for its cultural heritages and luxurious lifestyle. The city encompasses amazing attractions from ancient to modern to adventurous. The Corniche, Yas Marina, Ferrari World are its iconic landmarks that are must to explore when in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the most famous attraction of Abu Dhabi that fuses stunning modern as well as Arabian architecture. Qasr al-Hosn is the old world charm, that inherits a museum that showcases traditional artifacts and historic photographs.

    About the Abu Dhabi airport

    Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport of UAE that is known to handle over 12 million passengers in 2010. The airport serves its arrival and departure passengers through 3 terminals. Covering the area of 8,500 acres, it supports over 53 airlines that connects almost 94 destinations across 56 countries.

    Abu Dhabi airport address

    Abu Dhabi International Airport,
    PO Box 20,
    Abu Dhabi,
    Phone : (02) 575 7500

    About Muscat

    Muscat, the capital city of Oman is wedged by Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Indian Ocean. It is a picturesque city with numerous iconic attractions. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the Gulf’s one of the most spectacular mosque with a huge Swarovski Crystal chandelier as its center attraction. At the Bait al Zubair witness the ancient artifacts like jewellery, weapons, costumes and old photographs. Shopping at the Muttrah Souk, enjoyable walk at the Muttrah Corniche and relaxing at the beautiful Qantab Beach are some activities you can do while in Oman.

    About the Muscat airport

    Muscat International Airport accounts to be the largest airport of Oman that is placed 32 km away from Muscat. It is the main hub to national carrier Oman Air. The airport is spread over 21 sq. Km with the capacity of holding over 12 million passengers per year. With further improvements in infrastructure and facilities, the airport will serve its passengers better.

    Muscat airport address

    Muscat International Airport,
    Muscat, Oman.
    Phone: (+968) 24 519223

    What is the frequency of Abu Dhabi to Muscat flights

    There are numerous airlines that connects from Abu Dhabi to Muscat. A flight to the destination takes approximately 1 hr 5 min. These airlines provides with good flight frequency, giving you many options to choose from. It enables you to book flight as per your travel journey. The first direct flight is scheduled at 3.00 am - 4.05 am and the last flight is at 10.55 pm - 12.05 am.

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