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    * All prices indicated in AED

    About Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirate is the known for its warm Arabian hospitality and luxurious way of living. This desert city features some of the world’s top attractions like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Ferrari World. It has many heritage structures and museums like Qasr al-Hosn, Heritage Village, and Zayed National Museum.

    About Abu Dhabi International Airport

    Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the major airports of UAE and it occupies the area of 8,500 acres. It consists of 3 passenger terminals where both international and domestic passengers are served through terminal 1 and terminal 2. The terminal 3 is reserved for the carriers of Etihad Airways.

    Abu Dhabi airport address
    Abu Dhabi International Airport,
    PO Box 20,
    Abu Dhabi,
    Phone: (02) 575 7500

    About Patna

    Patna is the capital city of the state of Bihar, located on the southern bank of the Ganges. The city is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited place. It is a famous Pilgrimage center. Golghar is a glorious bulbous granary built during the time of famine. It features a beautiful and picturesque architecture. The Qila House, State Secretariat Building, Kumhrar, and Buddha Smriti Park are some of the city’s attractions.

    About Patna International Airport

    Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport, also known as Jaiprakash Narayan Airport is 5 km to the southwest of Patna. Terminal 1 serves domestic passengers and Terminal 2 serves international and selective domestic passengers.

    Patna International airport address:
    LokNayakJayaprakash Airport
    Shaheed Pir Ali Khan Marg
    Bihar, India
    Phone: +91 0612 222 0683

    What is the frequency of Abu Dhabi to Patna flights?

    There are many connecting flight daily on the Abu Dhabi to Patna route.

    Which airline provides the cheapest flights on the Abu Dhabi to Patna route?

    Fly from Abu Dhabi to Patna with Air India in the next 30 days for the cheapest air prices. Check out the lowest air fares on the Fare Calendar above.

    Which is the earliest and the last flight to take on Abu Dhabi to Patna route?

    The first flight from Abu Dhabi to Patna starts at 02:55 – 13:50 and the last flight is at 22:40 – 13:50.

    What is the duration of the flight from Abu Dhabi to Patna route?

    Reach Patna within 6 hours 10 minutes from Abu Dhabi by various options from Musafir.

    Which airlines fly on the Abu Dhabi to Patna route?

    All the major airlines fly on the Abu Dhabi to Patna route like Jet Airways, Air India, Etihad Airways.

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