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    * All prices indicated in AED

    About Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. It was the second most crowded city in the UAE as of 2009 but might surpass Dubai in the next few years as its economy strengthens and the infrastructure develops. Due to its island location, Abu Dhabi has an inherent advantage over various destinations. This makes the waterfront easily accessible, and for that reason, there are numerous hotels that have been built right on the Persian Gulf front.

    About Abu Dhabi airport

    UAE's second largest airport, Abu Dhabi airport, served about 11 million passengers in the year 2010. Etihad Airways is the second-biggest carrier after Emirates in United Arab Emirates. Terminal 3 is the latest terminal, and it started in January 2009. This terminal can handle about 12 million passengers annually. This level is expected to reach by 2011. Many international airlines ply their services from this airport.

    Abu Dhabi airport address

    Abu Dhabi International Airport

    P.O. Box 94449, Abu Dhabi, UAE 

    Tel No. +971 2 5055000

    About Raipur

    Raipur is one of the most marvellous cities of India. It is the capital of newly formed twenty-sixth state of India known as Chhattisgarh. The entire city is completely packed with a range of prominent attractions that are historically important. Some of the must visit sites of the city are Doodhadhari Temple, MahantGhasidas Memorial Museum, Mahakoshal Art Gallery, and several other attractions to add to the list.

    About Raipur Airport

    It is the primary airport offering services to the state of Chhattisgarh, India. It is the 28th busiest airport in India. It is currently served by Air India, Jet Airways, and IndiGo. The building is outlined to handle 700 passengers including 200 international flyers at a time.

    Raipur airport address

    Swami Vivekananda Airport,

    Ramchandi, Raipur,

    Chhattisgarh 492015

    Phone:077124 18167

    What is the frequency of Abu Dhabi to Raipur flights?
    There are 9 flights daily on the Abu Dhabi to Raipur route each day.

    Which airline provides the cheapest flights on the Abu Dhabi to Raipur route?

    Fly from Abu Dhabi to Raipur with Air India in the next 30 days for the cheapest air prices. Check out the lowest air fares at Abu Dhabi to Raipur Fare Calendar

    Which is the earliest flight to take on Abu Dhabi to Raipur route?

    The first flight from Abu Dhabi to Raipur starts at 1:35 am – 11:50 am.

    Which is the last flight to take on Abu Dhabi to Raipur route?

    The last flight is at 3:10am– 8:25pm on the Abu Dhabi to Raipur route.

    What is the duration of the flight from Abu Dhabi to Raipur route?

    Reach Raipur within 8 hours 45 mins from Abu Dhabi by various options from Musafir.

    Which airlines fly on the Abu Dhabi to Raipur route?

    All the major airlines fly on the Abu Dhabi to Raipur route like Spice Jet, IndiGo, Air India, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways.