AtlasGlobal Airlines

    Established in 2001, AtlasJet has renamed AtlasGlobal International Airlines in 2015. The airline has its headquarters in Istanbul. The airline operates the domestic and international passenger services from Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The airline also operates charter flights to different destinations. The airlines provide offer value fares known as EkonomiPlus with huge luggage allowance. AtlasGlobal also offer ‘Fly&Bus’ service in most of the cities having scheduled flights.  AtlasGlobal Airlines also established Atlantic Flight Academy to provide professional training. The airline also established an ATS team with over 480 employees to provides services to various airlines. 

    The fleet

    AtlasGlobal began operating with 2 aircraft but today it has a fleet of Airbus A319, A320, and A321s. They operate scheduled flights across Turkey, the Middle East, North Cyprus, Asia, and Europe. The fleet includes 14 modern and hi-tech aircraft with over 11.8 years old. The airline has handled aircraft like Airbus A330s, Boeing 757s, and Mc Donnell Douglas MD-83S in the past. The airline practices an all Airbus fleet including Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320, Airbus A321-100 and Airbus A321-200.


    The airline covers 41 destinations across the globe. The airline launched ticket sales for 4 new international flight destinations. The airlines provide flights to new destinations like Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Bishkek. Now the passengers can travel to these destinations with decent halt time in Istanbul. 

    Business class

    AtlasGlobal provides the choice to Business Class passengers of some more benefits. The leather seats are designed with 37-inch leg-room. The passengers can loosen up on bed-like seats with ample head and, footrest. It also has excellent reclining, legroom, and much more. The airlines provide complimentary meals and beverages from “Flying Chef”. The dishes include cakes, alcoholic drinks salads, steaks for business class flight ticket booking only.

     On board facilities

    AtlasGlobal Airlines in-flight meals and beverages service will differ based on your route and fare class. Special meals may be allowed on flights where complimentary meal service is offered. In general, special meals must be ordered 24 hours before your flights.

     Online booking and check-in

    The airline provides priority check-in facilities for business class passengers. The passengers can also avail the check-in services 48 hours before the flight departure. The check-in can continue for 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. If the passengers could not complete the seat selection should stop by the counters on the airport and confirm their boarding. The passengers should use the same credit card which was used while booking the flight ticket.

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