Egypt Air

    EGYPTAIR is the national airline of Egypt, headquartered in the capital city of Cairo. It commenced operations on May 7, 1932, as the first airline in the Middle East and Africa, and the seventh airline in the world to join the IATA. In July 2002, the airline became a Holding Company, with nine subsidiaries that work with the dictum, “Enjoy the Sky.” The airline's logo is Horus, who is a sky deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, preferred because of the ancient symbolism as a “winged god of the sun,” and usually indicated with a falcon or a man with the head of a falcon.

    The Fleet

    The EGYPTAIR fleet consists of 79 aircraft, crisscrossing the world to cover 79 destinations in 53 countries, and addressing the needs of both business and leisure travelers. The fleet comprises the latest generation of aircraft, such as B777-300 ER, B777-200, A330-300, A330-200, A340, A320, A321, B737- 800 B737-500, EMBREAR 170 and A300-600 freighter.


    The airline serves 81 destinations of which 12 are in Egypt, 19 in Africa, 20 in the Middle East, 7 in Asia, 21 in Europe and 2 in the Americas. In the UAE, EGYPTAIR flies to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

    On Board Facilities

    The company offers top-notch luxury facilities with special care for expectant mothers, infants and young travellers. A wide array of high quality meals are served on board. For those who seek pleasure in reading, a well-written travel, leisure and lifestyle magazine, El Wadi El Gedid (The New Valley) is available. Apart from these, the airline also offers in-flight entertainment with audio-visual pictures.

    Ground Facilities

    There are check-in and world class lounge facilities, like the ALIOTH lounge, Al Genah and the Cairo Airport Terminal 3 lounge.

    Booking Online

    You can easily do web check-in and browse through the documents required and your confirmation status.

    Before You Leave Home

    Make sure your luggage weighs less than the maximum baggage allowance for First & Business Class, which is 2 pieces of luggage weighing a maximum of 32kgs / 70lbs. The carryone luggage should conform to dimension of 158 cm/62 across 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 8kg. For Economy Class, make sure you do not carry more than 2 pieces of luggage weighing 23 kgs/50 lbs in total. For cabin baggage, pick a piece that is 158cm/62 inches in dimension and weights no more than 8kg. Apart from this, also ensure that you check the flight status before stepping out.

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