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    * All prices indicated in AED

    About Al Ain

    Al-Ain is the biggest oasis in the country and also known as ‘Oasis City’. The Al Ain fort is now transferred to the art museum is worth visiting. Other attractions include Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, Wadi Adventure, Spring waters at Jebel Hafeet. Al Ain zoo is also a famous place to visit which has some amazing wildlife. Al Ain Ice Rink and National Museums are a few more additions to the tourism list.


    About Al Ain International Airport

    Al Ain International Airport is Abu Dhabi’s 2nd international airport. The airport provides world class amenities to the passengers. The airport provides special services to the medical travelers and handicapped people.


    Ail Ain Airport Address

    Ail Ain International Airport

    P.O. Box 94449,

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Tel: +971 2 505 5000


    About Kozhikode

    Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a city in Kerala known for its strong presence in the history of India. Vasco da Gama arrived in Kozhikode in 1498. Hence, it got the name of being the ‘city of spices’. The city is filled with greenery, beautiful beaches, historical heritages and wildlife sanctuaries. Some popular beaches include Kozhikode Beach, Payyoli Beach and Kappad Beach.  They offer a serene and calm atmosphere to relax. Some other landmarks include Thusharagiri waterfalls, Mananchira Square, and Beypore.


    About the Kozhikode airport

    Also known as Karipur Airport it is located in Karipur.  The airport serves the two cities of Kerala, Kozhikode and Malappuram. This airport accounts to be the twelfth busiest in India in terms of passenger traffic. The airport is also the operating base of Air India Express.

     Kozhikode airport address

    Calicut International Airport,


    Near Kozhikode (Calicut),

    District Kerala - 673647,


    Phone: +91 483 2712630 | +91 9847076545

    What is the frequency of Al Ain to Kozhikode flights?

    There is a flight daily on the Al Ain to Kozhikode route.

    Which airline provides the cheapest flights on the Al Ain to Kozhikode route?

    Fly from Al Ain to Kozhikode with Air India Express in the next 30 days for the cheapest air prices. Check out the lowest air fares on the Fare Calendar above.

    Which is the earliest flight to take on Al Ain to Kozhikode route?

    The first flight from Al Ain to Kozhikode starts at 15:25 – 20:45. There are many connecting flights on the Al Ain to Kozhikode route.

    What is the duration of the flight from Al Ain to Kozhikode route?

    Reach Kozhikode within 3 hours 50 minutes from Al Ain by various options from Musafir.

    Which airlines fly on the Al Ain to Kozhikode route?

    All the major airlines fly on the Al Ain to Kozhikode route like Air India Express, Oman Air, Etihad Airways.

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