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    About Casablanca

    Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and is also the industrial and economic heart of the country. The city was built in the 10th Century BC by Berber fishermen, and subsequently changed hands several times, being occupied by the Phoenicians, Romans, Merenids, Spaniards and finally, the French. The city is anchored by one of the largest artificial ports in the world. It has gained tremendous popularity in recent times for its namesake film as well as for being the most progressive city in Morocco.

    About the Casablanca airport

    Casablanca is served by the Mohammed V International Airport, which is located in the Nouaceur Province. It serves roughly 8 million passengers a year, making it the busiest airport in Morocco. The airport is a hub for Royal Air Maroc, Jetairfly, Air Arabia Moroc and RAM Express. It was originally built by the United States during World War II and is named after King Mohammed V of Morocco.

    Casablanca airport address

    Mohammed V International Airport,
    Nouaceur, Morocco,
    Telephone: +212 5225-39040

    About London

    London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, has a diverse mix of races and cultures. About 40 percent of London’s population is non White. The city has one of the most comprehensive public transit systems in the world. London is home to several iconic structures, including the London Eye, which is the world’s largest observation wheel and Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of the Queen.

    About the London airport

    Heathrow airport is the principal airport serving London. It is the third-busiest in the world, in terms of international passenger traffic. The airport is 23 km west of Central London, in the Hillingdon borough. The airport is the primary hub for British Airways and the primary operating base for Virgin Atlantic. The airport serves upwards of 75 million passengers every year. The airport is used by more than 80 airlines.

    London airport address

    London Heathrow Airport,
    Longford, Hounslow TW6, UK,
    Telephone: +44 844 335 1801

    What is the frequency of Casablanca to London flights

    The frequency of flights between Casablanca and London is good with 10 weekly flights connecting the two cities. Before you plan your next getaway, make sure to look up for the best deals on Casablanca to London flights.

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