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    Travelling to Dubai from Damman is now convenient as there are numerous airlines operating to these routes. At, you can easily book your flight online. Online booking enables you to book your flight after fare comparisons and checking availability. It is beneficial as it lets you book flight as per your travel convenience and plan. You may also avail various discounts and offers on flights and other facilities like web check in facility.

    About Dammam

    Dammam is the capital and largest city of Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Being the world’s most oil rich region accounting it to the city’s economy. Apart from being commercial hub, Dammam offers its tourists some interesting attractions to explore. The Heritage Village showcases the ancient rare artifacts like jewellery, weapons, old photos and much more. The Corniche is the city’s famous landmark that offers pleasant atmosphere and beautiful panoramic view of the city’s natural sights. The King Fahd Park, Alkhleej Makarim and the Half moon beach are some of the other beautiful attractions.

    About the Dammam airport

    King Fahd International Airport is situated 20 km towards the northwest of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. With the total land area of over 780 sq km, it accounts to be the world’s largest airport. The airport serves the complete Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia and is the 3rd major aviation hub of Saudi. It consists of 6 stories out of which 3 are allocate for serving passengers.

    Dammam airport address

    King Fahd International Airport,
    P.O. Box 3477,
    Dammam 3147,
    Saudi Arabia.
    Phone : 03 883 5151 / 03 883 5151 / Fax: 03 883 5000

    About Dubai

    Dubai is a constant emerging global city that intrigues its visitors with royal architectures, adherline desert safari, traditional old souks and shopping malls. The city is an amazing contrast of its past and present witnessed at its many attractions. Burj Khlaifa - the world’s tallest building is an outstanding structure with architecture inspired by a desert flower called as Hymenocallis. Landmarks like Bastakia Quarter, Dubai Museum and Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum House are a few cultural heritages that preserves the Old Dubai.

    About the Dubai airport

    Dubai International Airport is located in Al Garhoud and is the major aviation hub of Middle East. It serves over 66 million passengers each year and so is considered to be the world’s busiest airport. It consists of 3 passenger terminals. The international passengers are catered through T1 and T3 where as the domestic passengers are catered through T2. Emirates, flydubai and Emirate SkyCargo are a few airlines that have their home base at this airport.

    Dubai airport address

    Dubai International Airport,
    Al Twar,
    United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 4 224 5555

    What is the frequency of Dammam to Dubai flights

    The average flight time from Dammam to Dubai takes about 1 hr 15 min. You can book from the numerous flights operating to these routes. Emirates, Saudi Arabian Air and flydubai are a few airlines that provide with numerous flights to Dubai. There are at least 8 flights flying every day at good frequency from which you can book your flight. The first flight of the day is at 4.30 am - 6.50 am and the last flight is at 11.15 pm - 1.30 am.

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