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    Travelling from Dubai to Mumbai is now easier with many airlines available, providing the passengers with a comfortable journey experience. To avail your flights, book it online through our site You can also avail various discounts and offers, letting you avail flights at the best lowest possible fares.

    About Dubai

    Dubai is an outstanding desert city of the Gulf discovered on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Initially recognised as the oil city, Dubai has now changed peoples perception with its extraordinary modern and grandeur architecture. Landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and The Palm Islands are the symbols of Dubai. Experience the Arabian culture while at its many beautiful mosques, museums, heritages and also through its delicious cuisines. The city celebrates Dubai Shopping Festival in the beginning of the year attracting millions of tourists from overseas to shop for their best brands.

    About the Dubai Bus Terminal

    Dubai Bus Terminal (XNB) is a bus terminals providing special service only to Etihad Airways guests with various buses connecting the passengers to Abu Dhabi International Airport. The bus from Dubai Bus Terminal takes you to Abu Dhabi International Airport, from where you board on your flight to Mumbai.

    Dubai Bus Terminal address

    DIC Building 4,
    Sheikh Zayed Road,
    PO Box 73000, Dubai, UAE

    Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal address

    Opp. Al Wahda Mall,
    ext- entrance (Muroor Road),
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    About Mumbai

    Mumbai is an archipelago of seven islands, renowned as the city of dreams. The city amazes the tourists from across the globe with its vibrant culture and lifestyle. The beautiful historical sites spotlighting the British architecture adds up to the city’s beauty. View them at the famous Gateway of India, Victoria Terminus, Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay High Court, Asiatic Library, Horniman Circle and much more. At the Mumbai streets enjoy the delicious fast-foods and chats like Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, Dahi Chat, Pani Puri etc.

    About the Mumbai airport

    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport located in sahar is the main airport of India. Occupying the area of over 1450 acres, the airport consists of 2 passenger terminals that serves domestic passengers at Terminal 1 and international passengers at Terminal 2. In all, the airport hosts approximately 31 passengers providing them with many facilities and services for a better travel experience.

    Mumbai airport address

    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport,
    Maharashtra 400099.
    Phone 022 6685 1010

    What is the frequency of Dubai Bus Terminal to Mumbai flights

    Etihad Airways provides the passengers with a good frequency of flights from Dubai Bus Terminal to Mumbai. The first flight of the day is scheduled at 12.00 am - 2.50 am and the last flight is at 10.00 pm - 12.55 am. You may opt from the multiple frequency available and book the flight as per the availability. The Etihad Airways provides its guests with the bus service and its first class passengers may opt to book private cars.

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