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    How to book your flight from Dubai to Beirut easily? Just log on to and check out for flight availability. There are many airlines that connect the two metropolitan cities, giving a good option to choose from. Book your flights by following the booking procedure given on the site. But before booking, make sure you compare the airfares and choose the flight within your budget. Online sites also enables you to avail various discounts, offers and also web check-in facilities.

    About Dubai

    Acknowledged as one of the richest city of Gulf, Dubai boosts plethora of attractions. From the sky piercing scrappers, thrilling adventure, sizzling malls to serene beaches, beautiful corniche, cuisines and old souks, Dubai has something for every traveller. Dubai offers ultimate shopping experience, with an entire festival dedicated to shopaholics- Dubai Shopping Festival attracting millions of people from all around the world. The panoramic view of Dubai’s skyline from ‘At the top- Burj Khalifa’ will amaze you. An adrenaline drive over the sand dunes and a delicious barbecue on a Desert Safari is something to experience.

    About the Dubai airport

    Dubai International Airline spread across the area of 7,200 acres is the main airline hub in Middle East. There are 3 passenger terminals. The Terminal 1 and 3 are placed adjacent to each other with a common transit area shared by the passengers and caters to international passengers. The Terminal 2 is placed on its opposite and caters to domestic passengers. With 140 airlines scheduled, the airport connects to over 260 destinations across 6 continents serving almost 66 million passengers every year.

    Dubai airport address

    Dubai International Airport,
    Al Twar,
    United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 4 224 5555

    About Beirut

    Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon located into the east Mediterranean is counts to be the commercial hub of Middle East. The city dwells amazing attractions to explore, from the city’s grand mosque - Al Omari Mosque to the ruins of Umayyad Dynasty at - Anjar to the UNESCO world heritage site featuring the world’s oldest city with continuous inhabitant - Byblos. Witness the glut of natural attractions like Jeita Grotto - a sprawling interconnected caves with walls of Karstic limestone and Pigeon Rocks- also known as Raouche Rocks are two huge rock formations standing like the gigantic sentinels making it an amazing spot to visit.

    About the Beirut airport

    Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport is placed 9 km from the city centre into the southern suburbs of Beirut. The are two wings - the east wing and the west wing connected to the main terminal which is a U-shaped building. The Lebanon national carrier - Middle East Airlines has its hub at this airport.

    Beirut airport address

    Rafic Hariri International Airport,
    01-628 195
    Phone : 961 1 628195 / Fax : 961 1 629010

    What is the frequency of Dubai to Beirut flights

    Minimum 7 flights operate from Dubai to Beirut on the daily basis, giving the travellers good options to choose from. The first flight of the day from Dubai is scheduled at 7.25 am that reaches Beirut by 9.55 am. The last flight of the day is at 10.25 pm - 11.59 pm. You can also choose from the many flights flying in between, as per your travel plan.

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