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    Travelling from Kozhikode to Dubai is now easy with many airlines connecting these two metropolitan cities. But, booking flight at is even easier, making your booking process hassle-free and convenient. Online booking is beneficial as it allows you to avail various discounts and offers on flights, enabling you to avail flights at the best lowest possible fare. While booking flight you can always check availability and compare fares side by side.

    About Kozhikode

    Kozhikode, also recognised as Calicut is one of the most beautiful city of Kerala. Unearthed on the Malabar Coast, this city has a great impact of Chinese, Portuguese, British and Dutch. Kappad beach is Kozhikode’s famous beach, invaded by the renowned explorer Vasco da Gama. In the middle ages, the city was the centre for eastern spice trade and was then called as the ‘City of Spices’. It is a home to abundance of nature’s beauty with lush greenery, glorious beaches, beautiful landscapes and wildlife sanctuaries. Beypore, Thikkoti Light House, Mananchira Square and Thusharagiri waterfalls are some of its great attractions to explore.

    About the Kozhikode airport

    Calicut International Airport, also recalled as Karipur Airport is situated over 25 km from Malappuram and 28 km from Kozhikode. The airport is India’s 13th busiest airport in terms of overall passenger traffic. It serves its arrival and departure passengers through one main terminal. It supports Air India Express as its home base.

    Kozhikode airport address

    Calicut International Airport,
    Near Kozhikode (Calicut),
    District Kerala - 673647,
    Phone : +91 483 2712630 / +91 9847076545

    About Dubai

    World’s tallest building - Burj Khalifa, world’s largest man made island - The Palm Island and world’s largest shopping mall - Dubai Mall are all home to the Middle East’s most famous city - Dubai. The old architecture of Dubai contrasts the city’s sizzling modern architecture. From chilling beaches to cultural heritages to adherline adventure to dazzle shopping, the city has something for every traveller to explore and experience. The delicious authentic Arabian cuisines will leave your taste buds surprised. For thrilling adventure, visit the intriguing desert and enjoy desert safari.

    About the Dubai airport

    Dubai International Airline is the major airline hub in Middle East and the world’s busiest in consideration of international passenger traffic. The airport has the area of over 7,200 acres that consists of 3 passenger terminals. The T1 and T3 are used to serve international carriers and T2 for domestic carriers. Every year the airport serves over 66 million passengers. With airlines like flydubai, the airport supports Emirates with being the largest airline hub in the Middle East.

    Dubai airport address

    Dubai International Airport,
    Al Twar,
    United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 4 224 5555

    What is the frequency of Kozhikode to Dubai flights

    With the options of many airlines operating from Kozhikode to Dubai, you have the flexibility to choose from the many flights available. There are at least 4 flight that connect these cities almost everyday. You can now book your flight as per your travel convenience. The first flight is scheduled at 2.00 am - 4.20 am and the last flight is at 9.25 pm - 11.59 pm.

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