Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Milan

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    About Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is the national capital of Malaysia as well as the largest city in the country. It has an estimated population of 1.7 million. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in South-East Asia, in terms of population and economy. Kuala Lumpur is the seat of the Parliament of Malaysia. The official residence of the Malaysian King, the Istana Negara, is also situated in Kuala Lumpur. The city is the cultural, financial and economic centre of Malaysia.

    About the Kuala Lumpur airport

    Kuala Lumpur International Airport is Malaysia’s main international airport. It is located in the Sepang district of Selangor. The airport is located 45 km south of Kuala Lumpur city. It handles more than 48 million passengers and 350,000 aircraft movements every year. The airport occupies an area of 100 sq km.

    Kuala Lumpur airport address

    Kuala Lumpur International Airport,
    64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia,
    Telephone: +60 3-8776 2000

    About Milan

    The capital of Italy’s Lombardy region, Milan is the most populous metropolitan area and the second-most populous commune in the country. It is the financial hub of Italy and is a thriving, cosmopolitan business capital. Today, Milan is synonymous with its shopping, football, opera and nightlife. It is also one of the world’s major fashion capitals. Interestingly, despite its buzzing urban vibe, Milan is one of Europe’s most ancient cities and encompasses more than 26 centuries of history.

    About the Milan airport

    Milan–Malpensa Airport is the largest airport serving the Milan metropolitan area. It is located 49 km northwest of the city proper, near the Ticino River. The airport has two terminals, of which Terminal Two is used by EasyJet and charter services. Terminal One handles domestic, international and Schengen flights. The airport is a hub for Cargolux Italy and FedEx Express, and is a focus city for Alitalia, Blue Panorama Airlines, EasyJet, Emirates and Meridiana, among others. It is the second-busiest airport in the country.

    Milan airport address

    Milan-Malpensa Airport,
    21010 Ferno Province of Varese, Italy,
    Telephone: +39 02 232323

    What is the frequency of Kuala Lumpur to Milan flights

    The frequency of flights on this route is fair. Before you plan your next getaway, make sure to look up for the best deals on Kuala Lumpur to Milan flights.

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