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    About Riyadh

    Riyadh, located in the heart of Arabian Peninsula is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. This business destination is an amazing blend of modernism and Wahhabi culture. The city houses many historical attractions like Al Musmak Castle, Old Dariyah, Old Jeddah, Al Murabba’s historical Palace and National Museum. The modern buildings like Kingdom Tower, Al Faisaliah and Burj Al Mamlakah will awe-inspire you with its charming architectures.

    About the Riyadh airport

    Riyadh King Khalid International Airport placed 35 km to the north of Riyadh is the second largest airport in Saudi Arabia. Spread over 78,000 acres, this airport has 4 passenger terminals, with only 3 terminals working currently. The Terminal 1 and 2 serves international passengers and the Terminal 3 serves domestic passengers. As of 2013, the airport served 18.58 million passengers.

    Riyadh airport address

    Riyadh Airport,
    Saudi Arabia,
    PO Box 12531,
    Riyadh 11483,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Phone: +966 (0)1 221 1000 / Fax: +966 (0)1 221 1637

    About Dubai

    Dubai is one of the seven emirate known for its paramount of attractions featuring modern and historical architectures. Discover the rich history and Arabian culture of old Dubai at Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort, Bastakia Quarters, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House and Dubai Heritage Village. Famed for shopping, Dubai offers intriguing shopping for shopaholics from beautiful Old Souks like Souk Madinat, Meena Bazaar, Gold Souk and Spice Souk to opulent Malls like The Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall and Wafi Mall.

    About the Dubai airport

    Dubai International Airport is placed 4.6 km to the east of Dubai and is the main airline hub of Middle East. Serving 66 million passengers every year, this airport has 3 passenger terminals where the two adjacent terminals T1 and T3 that caters to international passengers, shares a common transit area and the T2 placed on their opposite caters to domestic passengers. The terminal 3 is know to be the world’s largest building by floor space.

    Dubai airport address

    Dubai International Airport,
    Al Twar,
    United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 4 224 5555

    What is the frequency of Riyadh to Dubai flights

    Flights from Riyadh to Dubai operate on an hourly basis everyday, giving people a good slot of frequency to choose from. With many airlines operating, there are minimum 11 flights that fly from Riyadh to Dubai. You can book the first flight of the day at 6.55 am - 9.40 am. Counting numerous flights in between, the last flight of the day is at 9.25 pm - 12.25 am.

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