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    * All prices indicated in AED

    About Riyadh

    Riyadh is the most populous city and the capital of Saudi Arabia. There are many places to visit, but the most important tourist spot is the Masmak Fortress. It looks like a scene from the movies as it is grand and majestic. The other attractions include National Museum which is the finest in the Middle East.

    About Riyadh International Airport

    King Khalid International Airport is grand with 5 passenger terminals, 8 aerobridges, and car parking. There is a Royal Terminal which is dedicated only to the royal family and the Government Heads. All the facilities are available at the airport for the passengers.

    Riyadh Airport Address
    King Khalid International Airport
    Airport Road, Riyadh 13458, Saudi Arabia
    Phone: +966 11 221 1000

    About Manama

    Manama is a home to the diverse culture and the capital city of Bahrain. Bab Al Bahrain is one of the most beautiful markets in Manama. The city has many museums and local markets to visit. Some other place to visit is the Tree of Life which stands alone in the middle of the desert without the support of water.

    About Manama International Airport

    Bahrain International Airport is an international airport serving Bahrain. Bahrain Airport has all the facilities from eating to shopping, lounges, Duty-Free shopping, transit facilities, and much more. There are interactive maps available on the airport for easy guidance.

    Manama Airport Address
    Bahrain International Airport
    Muharraq, Bahrain
    Phone: +973 1733 5777

    What is the frequency of Riyadh to Manama flights?

    There are 6 flights daily from Riyadh to Manama route.

    Which airline provides the cheapest flights to the Riyadh to Manama route?

    Fly from Riyadh to Manama with Gulf Air in the next 30 days for the cheapest air prices. Check out the lowest air fares at Riyadh to Manama Fare Calendar

    Which is the earliest flight to take on Riyadh to Manama route?

    The first flight is at 07:00 -08:10 on the Riyadh to Manama route.

    Which is the last flight to take on Riyadh to Manama route?

    The last flight is at 22:00 – 23:10 on the Riyadh to Manama route.

    What is the duration of the flight from Riyadh to Manama route?

    Reach Manama within 1 hour 10 minutes from Riyadh by various options from Musafir.

    Which airlines fly to the Riyadh to Manama route?

    There are many airlines that travel on Riyadh to Manama routes like Gulf Air, Saudia.

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