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    Travelling from Sharjah to Colombo? Book your flight at the earliest at A flight from Sharjah to Colombo takes approximately 4 hrs 35 minutes. You may book your flight from the many daily as well as weekly flights operating to these routes. Before booking flight, make sure you compare fares and check availability. The various discounts and offers enables you to book flight at lower fares and also other facilities.

    About Sharjah

    Sharjah is situated on the Arabian Peninsula and is stretched along the northern coast of Persian Gulf. It is the only emirate of UAE that partially holds land on both Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf Coast. The city is rich in art, heritages and culture and so it is crowned by UNESCO as the Cultural Capital City of the Arab World. The giant wheel - Eye of Emirate offers an amazing aerial view of the city’s skyline. Sharjah Art Museum, Al Hisn, Sharjah Heritage Museum and Sharjah Archaeology Museum are some of the landmarks that preserves the old world charms.

    About the Sharjah airport

    Sharjah International Airport is located 13 km to the south east of Sharjah, UAE. The airport covers the area of over 887 acres that consists of one passenger terminal. It is a home base of the low cost carrier - Air Arabia. For a comfortable journey, it offers a range of world class facilities and services to its passengers.

    Sharjah airport address

    Sharjah International Airport,
    P.O.Box: 8,
    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
    Phone : +971 6 558 1111 / +971 6 558 1252
    Fax: (Airport Authority) +971 6 558 1167

    About Colombo

    Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is located on the country’s west coast. This bustling city is a multi-cultural and multi-ethinic city. It is a jarring mix of old architecture of the colonial building and modern buildings. The city is blessed with beautiful sandy beaches making it a best place for relaxation, sun-basking and other water adventures. Natural History Museum, Dutch Period Museum and National Museum are some of the best landmarks to explore. The Pettah Colombo is a vibrant baazar with endless shopping stuffs.

    About the Colombo airport

    Bandaranaike International Airport is locate in Katunayake, Sri Lanka which is 30 km north of the Colombo. It is the major aviation hub of Sri Lanka and supports 24 airlines that serve 4 million passengers each year. There are 3 passenger terminals where terminal1 and 2 serves international passenger and terminal 3 serves domestic passengers. The national carrier - SriLankan Airlines have its home base at this airport.

    Colombo airport address

    Bandaranaike International Airport,
    Sri Lanka.
    Phone : 197 33 2424 (General Information) / 197 33 1377/2377 (Flight Information)

    What is the frequency of Sharjah to Colombo flights

    There are many airlines that provide with daily as well as weekly flights that operate from Sharjah to Colombo. You can book your flight as per your travel plan and flight availability. The first flight is the day is at 9.35 pm - 3.35 am. The last flight of the day is at 11.20 pm - 5.20 am.

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