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    * All prices indicated in AED

    Flight from Sharjah to Doha is a short distance route. Travelling from Sharjah to Doha is easy with many airlines operating and booking flights is even easier with the availability of online. Visit and book your flights online without any hassle. From booking to comparing fares, checking availability and availing informations regarding flights and airlines, all can be done through our site.

    About Sharjah

    Sharjah is a beautiful city, locked with its rich culture and traditions seen at its many attractions. With numerous splendid heritages, Sharjah is noted as the UNESCO cultural capital of the Arab. The Sharjah Heritage Area fuses many museums like Sharjah Heritage Museum, Al Midfaa House, Al Hisns, Hisn Fort and a Souk - Souk Al Arsah. Witness the ancient collection of Islamic arts, craftwork and religious manuscripts at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation. Apart from heritages, the city offers glorious mosques, corniche, souks, lakes and much more. Desert adventures like dune bashing, quad biking and desert safari will enthral you.

    About the Sharjah airport

    Sharjah International Airport is one of the airport of UAE, located 13 km to the south east of Sharjah. The airport occupies the area of over 887.95 acres and serves its arrivals and departures carriers through one passenger terminal, providing them with various services. It is also the home base of the low cost carrier Air Arabia.

    Sharjah airport address

    Sharjah International Airport,
    P.O.Box: 8,
    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
    Phone : +971 6 558 1111 / +971 6 558 1252
    Fax: (Airport Authority) +971 6 558 1167

    About Doha

    Doha is the capital city of Qatar and is known as a commercial hub. The city gained financial power with the discovery of oilfields and is also home to headquarters of major oil and gas companies. Witness the splendid architectural landmarks around the city like the Museum of Islamic Arts, Al Wakra, Islamic Culture Centre and Grand Mosque. For a pleasant walk - the Corniche, the Pearl and Katara are the best places to visit, as they also offer entertainments like dhow cruise, restaurants, shops and much more. Shop for spices, jewellery, gold, colourful textiles at its many beautiful souks like the Souk Waqif, Falcon Souk, Gold Souk, and malls like Landmark Mall, Villagio Mall and City Centre Doha.

    About the Doha airport

    The newly designed Hamad International Airport covers the area of over 9000 acres with the capacity of holding almost 50 million passengers every year. It provides its passengers with world class facilities, services and entertainment for a comfortable travel experience. Qatar Airways have its home base at this new airport.

    Doha airport address

    Hamad International Airport,
    PO Box 24659,
    Phone: +974 4010 6666

    What is the frequency of Sharjah to Doha flights

    Airlines like Qatar Airways and Air Arabia provide with maximum flights operating from Sharjah to Doha. There are minimum 5 flights that run to the routes on the daily basis, providing passengers with more options to choose from. At, we enable you to book flight from Sharjah to Doha easily. You can book the first flight that departs at 6.30 am and last flight at 11.35 pm.

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