Air Berlin

    Air Berlin is the second largest German airline after Lufthansa and has its hubs in Berlin-Tegel Airport and Düsseldorf Airport. Considered as one of the leading airlines of Europe, its headquarters are in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin at the Airport Bureau Center. In 2013, the Air Berlin Group carried more than 31 million passengers across its widespread destinations. Since the US American and PanAm Captain Kim Lundgren founded Air Berlin, Inc, in July 1978, it has come a long way in terms of diversity of fleet, global coverage, substantial experience and friendly customer facilities. To acknowledge such quality services, Air Berlin has won several prestigious awards over the past several years. In June 2014, the British Travel magazine, Business Destination, awarded the airline the Business Destinations Travel Award in the category of Best Business Class Airline Europe. It also won Best Airline for Short- or Medium-haul Business Travelers at the Italian Mission Awards in March 2014.

    The Fleet

    Air Berlin commenced operations with only two Boeing 707s, registered under US administration. As of 2014, it has one of the youngest fleets in Europe, complete with cutting edge technology. The fleet comprises of Q400s, Boeing 737-800s and B737-800s. It also has Airbus models such as A319-100, A320-200, A321-200 and A330-200.


    The airline ferries passengers across 171 destinations across Europe, Asia Pacific, North and Central America, North Africa and the Middle East. In Europe, it covers most of the major destinations, including Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Kosovo, Italy, Iceland, Portugal and Romania. In the Middle East, it travels to Tel Aviv in Israel, and Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE. In Northern Africa, it covers holiday destinations in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, while in the Asia Pacific, it flies to Phuket in Thailand. It extensively covers North and Central America with destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, Dominic Republic, Curacao Islands and several cities in the United States.

    In Flight Services

    Apart from cheap flight tickets, the airline provides a range of entertainment options and services to both Economy and Business class passengers. Short- and medium-haul Economy class passengers have access to activities like listening to all the current hits on the radio channel, TV facility complete with films, cartoons or videos, and a wide selection of magazines and newspapers. Moreover they are treated to delicious snacks and drinks, perfumes, fashion accessories and even toys for children. Long haul passengers also get such services, along with additional services such as WiFi, spacious leg room, recliner seats with 15cms recline, and even a sleep mask.

    Web Check in and Online Booking

    Apart from booking cheap tickets online, passengers need not wait hours at the airport to check in. The web check-in and mobile check-in facility allow you to check in from anywhere up to 2 hours before departure. Make sure that your carryon baggage is under 8kgs and is less than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, or else you may have to pay excess baggage charges.

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