Thai Airways

    Thai Airway International Public Co Ltd functions under the auspices of the Thailand Ministry of Transport. This public limited company was registered with The Securities Exchange of Thailand in 1991. The Ministry of Finance holds a majority stake in the company, holding more than 50% of the shares. Apart from passengers, the airline also transports goods, parcels and post, connecting the major cities of Thailand with the rest of the world. Also, the airline has many alliances and offers charter flight services as well.

    Thai Airways initiated “The Most Hygienic In-Cabin Environment Program” to ensure quality assurance for in-cabin air quality, food safety and surface cleanliness. To this end, it was the first airline to install hospital-grade air-filter True HEPA that captures 99.99% of the dust particles. The World Health Organization awarded a certification recognising this endeavor of the airline.


    As of December 2014, Thai Airways has over 100 aircraft operating in both domestic and international sectors. Its fleet includes the Airbus A320-200, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A330-300, to name a few. Its cargo fleet consists of two Boeing 747-400BCF aircraft. Apart from this, the airline has major expansion plans for phasing out aging crafts and replacing them with modern and more techno-savvy models.


    Thai Airlines operates from its primary hub at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Its focus cities include Chiang Mai, Seoul and Phuket. It offers major connectivity within Asia to places like China, Thailand, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau and Myanmar, to name a few. Apart from that many cities in Australia, Europe and the Middle East have frequent flights. It covers 33 countries and 61 destinations internationally and 10 domestic destinations.

    Ground Services

    Royal Silk and Royal Orchid lounges are offered by Thai Airways for its premium passengers, for both domestic and international destinations. Passengers who are travelling in first class and business class to Bangkok are also entitled to private security screening and immigration checks. They can also enjoy a free spa upon arrival. There are many other such services provided, depending on the class.

    Cabin and In-flight

    The airline offers three classes for its passengers, Royal First Class, Royal Silk (Business Class) and economy class. First and business classes enjoy a 15 inch touch screen with Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD), which offers an exciting array of movies, music and games. Economy class passengers also have personal TV screens with AVOD. Hot meals and snacks are served in-flight that have been prepared with the highest quality standards.

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