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    About Sharjah

    Sharjah, is the capital and one of the richest emirate of United Arab Emirate. It is a desert city with an amazing blend of architectures of its past and present. Featuring numerous heritages and museums, the city is rewarded as the UNESCO Cultural Capital of the Arab World. Al Qasba is one of the most beautiful attraction with many entertainment, restaurants and sightseeing. Al Hisn,Sharjah Maritime Museum, the Sharjah Art Museum and Sharjah Heritage Area are some of its famous museums and heritages. The beautiful Blue Souk features 600 shops that offers endless shopping.

    About the Sharjah airport

    Sharjah International Airport is situated over 13 km to the south east of Sharjah. The airport occupies the area of over 887.95 acres. It manages its domestic and international carriers through one passenger terminal. It is the home base to the low cost carrier - Air Arabia. The airport provides its passengers with world class facilities and amenities, providing them with a comfortable air experience.

    Sharjah airport address

    Sharjah International Airport,
    P.O.Box: 8,
    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 6 558 1111 / +971 6 558 1252
    Fax: (Airport Authority) +971 6 558 1167

    About Mumbai

    Mumbai, the formation of seven islands is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. Known as ‘the city of dreams’, Mumbai is a city that offers a diversed lifestyle from entertainment to food. The city is boosted with beautiful architectures of the British era like Gateway of India, Prince of Whales Museum, Victoria Terminus and Horniman Circle. It is also known for endless shopping at its many bustling shopping streets, markets and Malls. Juhu Beach, Nariman Point and Marine Drive are some of its famous getaways. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a beautiful park featuring numerous variety and species of Flora and Fauna.

    About the Mumbai airport

    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport situated in Sahar about 28 km in the north of Mumbai is the primary airport of Mumbai. It covers the area of over 1450 acres and is the second busiest airport of India. It consists of 2 passenger terminals where T1 serves domestic passengers and T2 serves all international passengers. The new terminal holds the world’s largest public art programme that consists of 6000 pieces of Indian Art from across India.

    Mumbai airport address

    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport,
    Maharashtra - 400099
    Phone: 022 6685 1010

    What is the frequency of Sharjah to Mumbai flights

    There are not many flights connecting the modern cities of Sharjah and Mumbai. Air Arabia Airline provides with daily flights operating from Sharjah to Mumbai. The first flight of the day is at 4.20 pm - 8.50 pm and the last flight is at 11.45 pm - 4.15 am.

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